ABSolute 2 : Professional 3D Printer (Filament Fusion)

After more than a year of R & D in collaboration with the Maped R & D department, the ABSolute2 is ready in its final version. Compared to version 1.0, a lot of changes in the design and geometry have improved the print quality and the possibilities of the machine.

(Pictures of printed parts  at the end of this page)


90°C Heated Chamber

The ABSolute’s heating chamber ensure perfect prints in ABS. The fact of printing in a heating chamber up to 90°C eliminates the tension and shrinkage phenomenon on parts.
No more warping, distortion of part, even on complex and technical parts.

Double Glazing Enclosure

The machine is fully enclosed in double glazing security glass. No risk of burns.

Heated Chamber 90°C

Modular Design : Perfect Thermal Isolation

The machine is made of three independent thermal areas :

Zone #1 “Extrusion” upper section : Extruders, Heater, Cooling, Ventilation…Totally isolated from the printing chamber, only the extrusion nozzles penetrates in the printing chamber.

Zone #2 “Printing” middle section, capable of heating to 90°C, only the essentials items are in this area : Mobile printing bed in the 3 Axes, Delta arms and carriages. This conception limits to a maximum the number of elements withstand high temperatures.

Zone#3 “Electronic” lower section, contains the electronics and the 3 motors of the 3 axes. This area is ventilated permanently.
All the electronics parts are assembled on a moving platen for easy maintenance.

The stainless steel used in vertical rails, a poor conductible of heat also contributes to reduce the thermal bridges.

modular design

Reversed Delta Technology with Zero Backlash Magnetic Ball Joints and “TSS”
(Three Spheres System)

The Delta inversion allows to position all the sensitive elements  (Extruders, Ventilation, Heaters, Coolers…) outside of the heating printing zone. Only the components essentials to printing are confine in the heated area.
The tight-fitted magnetic ballend and the Three Spheres System delta (patent pending), create a perfect isostatism and guarantee an exceptionally precise positioning of the printing bed, while allowing high speed of movement.
The arms are made of carbon fiber and the zero backlash magnetic ballends are made with doped Neodynium magnets resistant to high temperature (150°C)


Static Print Heads and Motors

Print Heads are static. In avoiding the movement of large masses and motors, it has been possible to add all the latest technologies in the head  (DualDrive, tilting, liquid cooling…), there is no more mass to move.
Only the print bed moves on the 3 axes. Thanks to the Delta technology, the 3 motors of are positioned in the cold lower section and are also static.

static print heads

Print Bed in Polyetherimide

The print bed is made of an aluminum sheet screwed on the principal heating support and a PEI sheet of 1mm bonded with a high temperature glue. A material used in aeronautic and medical, PEI ensures a perfect adherence of the part during the printing phase and allows a very easy de-bonding at room temperature. No more parts welded on the printing bed. The print bed is removable, simply attached by 3 screws. Optionally, we can provide others types of print bed : perforated fiberglass, tempered glass, thermoplastic…
The STEP or DXF CAD files of the printing bed are provided on demand.

Tilting Dual Head

The dual extrusion head rotates, this allows an automatic shut off of the unused nozzle and prevents it from smudges marks on parts. Generally, the first head is reserved for printing of the part and the second one for the print of support.

Dual Heads or Single Head  on the same machine

The ABSolute 2 can be delivered with a dual heads and/or single head.
The double heads are particularly suitable for printing technical parts in ABS + Support.
Single heads are often reserving for materials testing on high temperature or also for the print of simple parts.

Interchangeable Print Heads

We have taken particular care while designing to the easy of maintenance and evolution of the machine.
Extrusion heads are removable in less than 5mn.
Single head are equipped with decoy, which allow to pass from a dual head to a single without firmware upload.

tilting dual head

Automatic Calibration

The calibration of the printing bed is automatic and performed prior to each print.
You can change the print head within a few minutes, the machine will recalibrate automatically.
The ABSolute2 is one of the most polyvalent and open machines on the market.

Very High Temperature Extrusion Heads (500°C) with Liquid Cooling

The Dual Extrusion Head includes liquid cooling allowing extrusion temperatures up to 500°C (932°F). This option allows to extrude absolutely all extrudable material available on the market. Extrusion Head with liquid cooling system are equipped with  professional self sealing couplings (exchange of heads “live”, without draining the cooling circuit). The high temperatures heads are equipped with high sensivity sensors (Resolution < 0.2°C).

liquid cooling 02

Cold Swappable Nozzles

By using a very special high temperature sealing washer, the heads are able to switch nozzles at room temperature. No leaks, no burning hazard. It is not necessary to heat the head for changing a nozzle, a special joint allows the dismantling of the cold nozzle.

cold swapable 02

Dual Drive System

The filament is driven by a dual  system “DualDrive”. This principle allows for perfect wire feed without scoring or deformation.
You can extrude any type of filament rigid, flexible… Our DualDrive extruder is twice as powerful than a traditional single drive extruder. The drives are made of steel, providing better resistance during extrusion of loaded materials. The replacement of the filament is very simple, a lever releases the filament.

Optimized Ventilation

Ventilation is one of the key of successful 3D prints. Particular care has been taken to the ventilation of the part. A turbine with brushless motor controled by Gcode pulses hot air at high speed.


Standard Filaments and Spools

We provide filaments with adapted printing configurations, but ABSolute2 extrudes any type of filament Ø1.75mm (a spring system compensates automatically the small variations in wire diameter).

You are free to choose your suppliers.


The ABSolute2 is an « open » machine, absolutely all the printing settings may be available and modifiable : temperatures, speeds, thicknesses of layers, support… You have a total access. It function with under 2 modes :
1.  “User” mode, which allows print, pause, stop, filament change…
2.  “Administrator” mode with a password, all the parameters are then accessible.
You’ll get a copy of the sources of Firmware and of the management software upon receipt of the machine.
The machine is controlled by GCode, the standard langage of CNC machines.
Those are text files, editable with any standard text editor.
You’ll also have a total access to the Post-Processor which allows to generate the GCode.


The ABSolute2 is delivered in standard with a RJ45 port (Ethernet), a USB port for maintenance, WIFI, a video camera. It can be operated or controlled by PC, a tablet or a phone (Android-IOs) with a video feedback. It can be managed from your network by cable, WIFI, or by Internet, with the possibility to initiate, suspend, stop a print  from wherever you want. It can print in standalone mode without any connection (no video monitoring in this case).
The ABSolute2 has a stockage space of 10Gb which allows to keep the files you often print.


The ABSolute2 is one of the most polyvalent machine on the market :
Dual head, single head,  500°C, total control of all print settings, uses any standard dia 1.75 filament…

It can be used for ABS part production, Engineering, Prototyping, Tools production, Material research and development… no limit.


To sustain your investment, we always try to keep a downward compatibility for all future developments. Evolution kits will be available.

Some Pictures of Printed Parts

Note : all these parts are printed with the ABSolute2 (pre-serie machine), printed in ABS (provider : Tag-plasturgie, color neutral), speed : medium, Z Layer : 0.20 or 0.25mm, Chamber at 75°C or 80°C or 85°C, no Post-processing except support removal.

Warping test
Part dia 180mm with Thickness Variations
Maped "Color'Peps"
Zoom on Pen Support Maped "Color'Peps"
Maped "Color'Peps" Back Side
Technical Part
Courtesy of HUTCHINSON
A part with thick area and smooth thin area
Similar part printed in "Vase" mode.
Mechanical Part
Courtesy of Rossignol
Maped "Croc Croc Innovation"
Maped "Croc Croc Innovation"

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