About Us

A couple with a passion for technology and engineering formed QUALUP in 2005. That passion is forged into the DNA of every QUALUP products. Innovation, and true passion for engineering and technology. Just a few basic values of QUALUP SAS.

We share a passion and bonding with you as customer and don’t build 3D printers to satisfy our personal vanity. We not only promise you performance and 3DPrint quality, but a completely personalized 3D printer concept.

We strive to treat each customer as we would like to be treated ourselves – with honesty, loyalty and respect. Our company goals reflect this and are determinant to our business success. We wished to develop a human-sized company to insure you a reactive and adapted service to your needs. Dynamism and skill are our leitmotiv.

We are based in France, in South Burgundy, about 90 Km North of LYON and about 170 Km of GENEVA.
All our developments are carried out in-house and at our affiliated partner and productions companies. Our 3D Printers are manufactured by up to date technology companies (CNC milling, CNC Laser cut and bending…), most of them are based in Mâcon city region.