ABSolute 2 :  General Informations

Filament Fusion Technology (FFF)
Revered Delta geometry
Overall dimensions : 690 x 620 x 1000mm
Volume of construction : Ø250mm x 200mm
Resolution : Z = 3.4μm, better than 6.8μm in XY
Travel speeds > 250mm/sec dans les 3 axes
Printing Speed : Up to 120mm / sec, dependent on the material and the complexity of the part
Thickness of printing layers : adjustable from 0.10 to more than 0.50mm (material dependent)
Six linear guideways and three belts resistant to 90°C
Magnetic ball joints without play
Doped neodymium magnets resistant up to 150°C
Three Spheres System (patent pending) with perfect isostatism
Self-calibration of the printing bed (before every printing)
Simplified maintenance and evolutions
Machine totally open and scalable  (firmware source code supplied)
Ambient operating temperature: 18-28°C
Storage temperature : 0-35°C

Extrudable Materials

Standard filament Ø1.75mm
Standard spools (maximum diameter 220mm, maximum height 90mm)
PLA, ABS, HIPS and all material extrudable at less than 300°C
Extrudable materials: All 1.75mm diameter filaments (extrudable at temperatures below 500 ° C)
Flex material (2)

Printing Chamber

Heated and regulated printer enclosure adjustable up to 90°C
Closed printing chamber
Double glazing enclosure
Surrounding heating  by blades fans and PTC heating elements
Hi-speed turbine with brushless motor for part ventilation

Print Heads / Extruders

2 Extruders and et 2 Print Heads
Full metal  Print Heads and Extruders
Double pivoting print head by servo motor
Auto shutter of the unused nozzle
Interchangeable head in less than 5mn
Air cooling
Printing temperature : adjustable up to 300°C
Printing temperature : adjustable up to  500°C with liquid cooling
Liquid cooling for 500°C HotEnds
Self-sealing couplings (interchangeable head without draining of the system)
Liquid cooling pump 1000l/h
Radiator with dual silent fans
Stainless steel nozzle
Nozzle size
1.00/ 1.20mm
Cold Swappable Nozzles
Dual extruder drive (DualDrive)
Quick filament recessed latch
Stainless steel rollover protection extrusion head hot zone
Additional single head
Additional double head

Print Bed

Heating aluminum support for printing bed : 140 ° C
Heating aluminum support for printing bed : 180 ° C + Hi temperature components
Polyetherimide (PEI) print bed surface: No post treatment of ABS parts at the printing bed level  and easy detachment of parts
Perforated glass fiber print bed
Tempered glass printing bed
Custom print bed on request

Electronic/Power Supply

32 bits Motherboard
Voltage : 12 & 24V
Increments axis motors: 25600 steps / revolution
Video Camera
Control / Printer monitoring on the Web
Ethernet Connection / RJ45
USB Connection
Electronic components on removable rack
Android control tablet
Input Voltage : 220-240V – 3500W – 50/60hz


Control software through network and WEB
Control software by USB
Slicer and GCode generation
Firmware update software
OpenSource Firmware (source code supplied)
Language of control/programmation : standard GCode
User” mode : Sending a GCode file, movement control, print
 “Administrator” mode with password : total control
Files types : STL

Extrudable material & Recommended Extrusion Temperatures (1)

Recommended Temperature  (°C)
190-220 (2)
210-225 (2)
Nylon PA 6
240-280 (2)
230-250 (2)
Taulman T-Glase
210-235 (2)
Taulman Nylon 618
240-250 (2)
Taulman Nylon 645
240-250 (2)
250-320 (2)(3)
Polycarbonate ABS (PC-ABS)
260-285 (2)
TPU (Flexible Polyurethane)
200-230 (2)
Polyarylamide (PARA – Solvay Ixef® 1002)
260-290 (2)(3)(4)
Polyarylamide (PARA – Solvay Ixef® 1022)
260-290 (2)(3)(4)
PolyEtherImide (ULTEM)
330-350 (2)(3)
320-340 (2)(3)
350-400 (2)(3)
Polyimide (Dupont VESPEL)
410-420 (2)(3)
Polyamide-imide (Solvay TORLON)
370-425 (2)(3)
Loaded materials (glass, carbon, Kevlar…) (4)
Respect manufacturer’s specifications
(1) These temperatures are based on manufacturer data; these are starting points and should be adjusted according to the grade of the material.
(2) Reserved for advanced power: These materials are extrudable, but with some reservations about the size and the complexity of printed parts. It is possible to encounter difficulties in adhering the part on the printing bed, bending problems (warping), deformation of the part due to material removal, or impossibilities adhering the layers together.  A printing process, a special print bed or special preparation of the printing bed may be necessary.
(3) After extrusion of this material, it is possible that the head is dedicated and reserved for this matter (difficult or impossible to purge the head).  This material may be extruded, but without warranty that it can print any piece. Some of these materials can give off harmful fumes, and are to be extruded in well ventilated places, avoid breathing the extrusion fumes.
(4) These materials can quickly damage the nozzles and / or drive roller extruders, contact us for more information.
(5) Some diameters are reserved for experienced users and / or are not compatible with certain materials, example: It is impossible to extrude a glass loaded material with a 0.20mm nozzle
Warranty 12 Months parts and labor – return workshop

(c) 2012-2017  QUALUP SAS – Specifications subject to change without notice.